The First Spring

April 8, 2010

Who: Arvid Gärdeborn

When: 8/4 2010

Where: Outsid Västerås

SED: 1#

You can take plenty of nice and cool pictures in the wintertime.

But there is somthing special when the spring is waking the Earth up agian and the first flower comes up from the cold ground.

It´s so nice to document in picturs how all the life is restart again from the cold winter.

A clear spring sing for me is when you can take the first flower picturs coming upp from a frozen ground.

This morning I wake up at my parents house in Västerås and saw that the wether was sunny and warm so I crab my camera and toke my first spring pictures.

The attach picture to this text is when I was takened picturs at the flowers a butterfly was kind and land infront of the lince.


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