Soundtrack of spring

April 8, 2010

Name: Gustaf Lundström
Date: 7 April (written 8/4)
Location: Ekerö, Stockholm

Wednesday was an effective day on many levels. I started out by presenting myself as a candidate for summer job at different nearby businesses, which IMO is something quite exclusive for spring unless you’re smart and start applying earlier. Next I went to exchange a jacket and change some money for an upcoming trip. By my standards this is being effective, doing all this in one day alone, but it doesn’t stop there. No, me and a friend, who tagged along, headed home for a recording session.

The great thing about recording from scratch, basically improvisational, is that you’re highly affected by the mood and feeling of the moment and that feeling sort of gets packaged in the song itself, thus scratching the surface of your personal impression of spring. Unfortunately my friend had a differing impression and the whole project ended a disaster but spring was absolutely present throughout the whole process! Feelings that come to mind when trying to create music in the bright sunlight, the sound of children from the day care below, birds singing are all connected with happiness, freedom and ambition but there is also something highly stressful and “increasing” about it. There’s definately something imminent waiting to happen.


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