April 8, 2010

Name: Christian Croona

Date: 2010-04-04

Place: Party in Sätra


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I’m on my best mood, on my way to a friend for a “moving in” party, got my shirt on and a nice bottle of wine with me, or at least a cheap bottle. It has been a positive day free from stress and “to do’s”. And then I see this note in the hall of my friends house and I totally lose my cool, so I screamed and tore my hair.

Or …. just kidding I just laughed at that tragic hater who didn’t knew how to confront his fellow human being in another way than through this passive aggresive note. Because obviously he knew who it was. Anyway the party was great.

The text on the note says “To the stupid moron who throws burning finished cigarretes on to my balcony, next time I will put one in your mailbox!!!
PS. I have picked up 84 cigarettes this winter!!!!”

One Response to “Haters”

  1. springflow Says:

    Brilliant! Hahahaha. I love how he keeps count of ’em. Just brilliant.

    /Joakim Kalcidis Esq.

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