The [ juʃ ]

April 7, 2010

Name: Gustaf Lundström
Date: 2-4 April (written 7/4)
Location: Linköping

If you’re familiar with phonetic’s you might have figured out how to pronounce the title, otherwise: it’s supposed to be short for “the usual”. In my family the usual means spending many holiday’s together with relatives and family and this Easter was no different. We drove to Linköping early on Friday and arrived at my grandmother’s apartment in time for lunch. She lives alone and I can’t tell you how much she appreciates us coming, although she was a bit disappointed we didn’t bring the dog.

The next day we went to my uncle, who lives in my grandmother’s childhood home, to spend the day and eat Easter food. This is exactly what happened, we ate and ate and ate and ate. I probably gained a tenth of my body weight just eating that day. After taking a quick stroll with their incredibly disobedient dogs, we (read: the men) sat down to watch the hockey game between Linköping (where my relatives are from) and Djurgården, Stockholm (where I’m from). Apart from me not caring at all about hockey this was the perfect prerequisites for a game and more so when Djurgården managed to win the game during overtime. The reason why I’m writing about this is because it occurred to me that this was indeed what a big part of Easter is about in my family: visiting relatives, eating massive amounts of Easter food and screaming at the TV (perhaps not the last part). In fact, these are all just excuses for being lazy and taking a time-out for a couple of days but I still thank Jesus Christ for the opportunity to do so without falling behind the competition which is life.


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