iPad !

April 7, 2010

SED #2

Place: Train from Arlanda

Date: 2010-04-07

Time: 14:30

Name: Johan Olsson

Today me and my dad went to Arlanda to pick up my mom and sister. They’ve been in New York for a week and have now arrived in Sweden again. I’m a bit jealous (okay, very jealous) that I didn’t got to travel with them to what can be the coolest city on earth. I can just imagine how spring time would be in new york. But I’m happy they’re home now, because they got something special for me, a brand new iPad! The iPad was released in the US on April 3 (and is only available in the US) so I’m quite lucky my mom and sister picked the right week to visit New York 😉 I’ve hade an iPhone for half a year and a MacBook Pro for a couple of months and I love them both, and now I also got an iPad aswell. I guess you can call me an Apple fanboy, but it’s cool, because I really like their products. In this picture I’m on the train from the airport and can’t wait to get home and start play around with my new iPad.


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