Kalcidis pt. 3 – 4/4-2010

April 6, 2010

Name: Joakim Kalcidis
Location: Here, there and everywhere! … but mostly Öland/Kalmar.

I guess the sultry disco landscape with the cool vocals Oby Onyioha were my guiding lights this day of joy and festivities. A day I shared with family, friends, the Greek community of Kalmar but also with the reggae fraternity of the same town.

Earlier that day me and my close friend, Jens, followed the trodden paths of Öland trying to reach the serene Jordtorps ridge. Once majestic castle now turned to eerie ruins, pungent odours of various farm cattle and mushy dirt all over my shoes are now all elements of my notions. I’m uplifted with solace (and shoes in serious need of getting cleansed with a toof’ brush). Back home at my parents I have a boiling hot shower (I had dressed for spring and even though it might have been, brother Celsius was obviously trying to give me a cold). Put on my shirt, the pants that leave little to no room for enjoying culinarities and my Kangol flat cap ‘pon top.

»Christ has risen« I greet my fellow patriots and they respond in unison »Truly he has risen!«. Numerous plates with lamb, chicken and pork are dished out next to some oven baked potatoes, tzatziki and salad … I bother not ordering any food having been vegetarian for almost ten years now.

The evening has me visiting a club for some music. The elegant chatting of Early B echoes in my head and slips through my lips when I’m constantly returning to the bar stating »one more Heineken«. I suddenly gain notion of the relation between how passable the music is in my ears with the increased amount fl. oz passing my larynx. Next morning I find myself on display as my dad and brother share a laughter over what I have to presume is a sorry excuse of my manifestation. At least I’m (…barely) living yet another day.

… which is a great excuse to once more invest my time in Oby and succumb to her beautiful paean to life.


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