Friends, Family and Candy

April 4, 2010

Name: Mikael Kjellnäs

Time and Date: 18:15 , 4/4-10

Place: At home (Bromma)


Yesterday was Easter Saturday, and my parents always travel to our house at the countryside to celebrate Easter. When I was younger I used to go with them, but nowadays Easter is not such a big deal for me, and there is not much to do over there either. So I stayed at home, and last night I joined a couple of friends on the town and had a good time. Right now I’m sitting in my apartment and is just reflecting on the fun weekend I have had, and then all of a sudden I heard something on the television witch I had running in the background. The guy on SVT talked about Easter, and about Easter candy and the eggs we give away filled with sugary delicious things. I got an Easter egg from my Mother when she was here just the other day and now I’m enjoying this Sunday home alone with Easter candy. Might sound lonely but I have had a great weekend and this Sunday looks to me like my last Sunday. So like I said, Easter is not a big deal for me anymore. But Easter is great because I always have a good time, I relax, and have time to meet friends and family and like I’m doing now, just lie back and don’t have to do anything.


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