Kalcidis pt. 1 – 2/4-2010

April 2, 2010

Junior Reid - Poor Man Transportation

Nombre: Honorable Sr. Joaquin Kalcidis

It’s all about evolving. From a twinkle in my father’s eyes and nine months of loving devotion inside of my mother to what I manifest today. And, yes, I’ve got to stay connected to the cheap shots too by simply stating; my life is still a continuous cycle. Perhaps the parameters are interchangeable but everyone in my worn out Desert Track Clarks would see it’s the same ol’, same ol’.

This beautiful Friday, when we’re supposed to reflect on the torment Isus Christ went through, I’m sacrilegiously oblivious of any pain and strife he had to endure. Weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth – it’s possible … I do not know. I care not to retrace any historical steps other than the ones I took my formative years here in Kalmar (where I’ll enjoy this eastern). It’s early afternoon and I’m walking the ruins of the old city wall in the company of my brother Niko. Gabbing on matters important to us but not this blog-post. Poor man transportation still? Yeah. But it’s all about pushing things forward – after the walk my generous brother sorts out a bicycle for me to use when commuting back and forth from my parents and his house. It’s a remarkable feeling to ride a bike. You just pedal push and swoosh by pedestrians – left and right. Lovely.

Check the sound clip where the talented youthman Junior Reid sings with panache on the matter. Equally as lovely.

Me nuh wan’t no buss, nuh car, me nuh wan’t nuh blasted minivan. Me just ride me bicycle as me transportation. So them can’t call me no more walk-a-thon.


2 Responses to “Kalcidis pt. 1 – 2/4-2010”

  1. springflow Says:

    loving the tune bru


  2. springflow Says:

    Thanks, buddy ol’ pal! It’s a scorcher. But beware of the tough digital we’ll churn out in your studio. Raggamuffin vibsicality fe’ true. I’ll give you a call when I return home next week.

    /Cantankerous Joakim Skeng

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