The springs theater…

March 30, 2010

Name: Robin Merken

Date: 300310

Time: 15.35

Place: Observatorielunden, Stockholm

My thoughts:

When I think about spring I would like to divide it in two theatre acts. In the first act the depressive, cold main character is trying to get help from the sun to cure his sickness and starts to get better when he sees the sun from his window, but when he takes the first step out on the streets and realises that the sun is playing a trick on him and feels the cold against his face, the wet shoes and all the dirt which has come up, he is just getting worse and goes back in.

In the pause between the two acts the scene change. The snow-covered parks become just green beautiful crowded parks and the dirty streets become just clean classy streets.

The second act his quite obvious. Not only the scene changes. The character also gets a warm feeling when he takes his step out now. The sun is not playing a trick on him anymore. It really is warm. Now it doesn’t really matter if it rains because everybody knows what beautiful thing sun and rain can do together. The character doesn’t go back now. He continues his trip.

The end.


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