The contrasts of Spring

March 30, 2010

Name: Sara Cecilia Lempiäinen

Date: 2010-03-30

Time: 15.40

Place: Borgenvägen

Spring is loud, completely opposite to the winter when it comes to sound.

Spring is about contrast. A blue sky clashes with the gray pavements and muddy fields of grass.

The hard lakes and ponds open up to let through the smooth flow of water that has a life of its own. Soon enough even the murky pavements will break up and bring forth the first tender green shoots from the weeds that so annoyingly survive everything. Everything is the opposite of each other yet breath in some kind of symbiosis.

Spring is refreshing, so refreshing that you feel renewed and ready to own the world once more. It is people taking off their hats and scarfs, and really starting to come out of their shells and showing their face every chance they get rather than hiding  it behind heavy winter clothing.

It is empowering to be hit by the sharp sun rays, and for the short moment that you are almost blinded you feel as though you’ve been lifted into another world where the sounds to your ears and the warmth to your skin feel so strange and surreal.

Your inner child awakens and the flow of energy is drastic and intense, you stop and realize you are suddenly laughing and smiling at things that would annoy the hell out of you just days ago. Everything seems far away and you shrug at the problems you deal with on an every day basis, as long as you are in this moment of serenity and ease, nothing seems to be a bother, and solutions are suddenly much more available.

I believe change makes people more open-minded, and therefore it is easier to develop ideas and creativity, by exploring outside your usual perimeters.


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