Spring i benen.

March 30, 2010


Name: Honourable Joakim Kalcidis Esq.
Date: 2010-03-30
Location: The walk I did disgruntled from KTH to Karlberg after having missed class.

I walk a lot during spring. They call it poor man transportation but it’s how I define what I thoroughly enjoy with this season. In spring I walk from here to there and back. Loitering with the possibility of getting stuck in this sphinx season – that has a head of sun and a body of snow – is something I do not dare.

I generally tread with my ears in a deep committed relationship to some ol’ ragged headphones. It’s the way I’m comfortable to travel from my home to the uni and way back deh’. Any ear committed to this kind of solitude will be marred. I notice it primarily by the loss of high frequencies and the difficulty of distinguishing words that come cluttered amidst other sounds. Lest we forget also the continuous sinus tone haunting my concentration. Still I find immense joy in that I can distinguish a bubbling bass line. It is my source of joy so I guess I’ll persevere.

When the cracks of summer protrude through the façade of winter I’m walking the seasonal bridge just too busy to watch it happen. I’d rather indulge in the low frequencies from my headphones. This day the laconic toots of humble trombonist Rico Rodriguez guidingly echo through the passage.

Spring is the epitome of my life in fractals. I tread from my alpha to my omega daily until I reach summer – year after year. Thus my life iterates. In a cycle.

As you might have noticed I have not added a photo of myself in the above context. Mainly due to the lack of a camera. Instead I added a scan of a great LP I tend to return to every spring. I’ll let it speak for the lost photo instead. Youtube it!


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