Spring for me.

March 30, 2010

Name: Philip Ulrich

Date: 30/3

Time: 18.00

Place: Hantverkargatan, Stockholm

For me is the spring a very romantic time of the year. It’s a time when you forget cold and troubles and start focusing in what is really good in life. I have chosen this picture as a symbol of how the love and intimate feelings slowly takes form in actions because of the coming heat and the beautiful nature. This picture represent a man and a woman who is in love and for the first time this year can hold each other hands outdoors without wearing gloves. Each day that passes by people wears thinner and cooler clothes. This means that more and more of the peoples form and skin is shown. With this comes more sensual and romantic feelings witch this picture really shows us. For myself I generally feel really happy during the spring, but I also think people around me feels happier. It’s getting light and warmer each day, but I also think that I easier can see people in love on the streets, which for example hold their hands. I am sure this due to its easier being intimate when you haven’t any winter jackets, scarves and gloves. But I’m also sure that if   you show more intimacy you will be more intimate as person. I think it’s wonderful when you finally can walk with your girlfriend holding her hand without getting your fingers frost-bitten. The whole atmosphere in the city becomes in some way lovely and cozy. It wouldn’t surprise me if more people find their true love during spring.


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