Spring brings water, brings fish , brings me

March 30, 2010

Place: Stockholms Ström

Name: Philip Engström

Springtime is a preparing time for hobbies. People been waiting the hole winter to be able to do what they enjoy doing the most. They live for that hobby and spring reminds them that it’s close. Mine is fly fishing.

Spring fills me with expectations. You don’t just know that the summer and the fishing season is close, you can see it everywhere. At least I can. Snow is melting and water is everywhere.

For me, every moving water turns into a miniature river. It could be on the sidewalk or a flooded ditch , it doesn’t matter, I still try to see where the best places to fish is, if it’s a nice stream or where I think the fish would stand. I can’t help it, it’s an impulse, like some sort of training. That’s the first and mayor feeling spring fills me with.


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