My spring

March 30, 2010

Fabian Wahlgren

Borggården, KTH

11:30 – 30/3-2010

For me, the concept of spring is very different from year to year and place to place. While I lived in Kiruna, which is quite cold and has a bit different climate, spring always started when the first real rain fell. So far up north, the rain somhow made the plants release all sorts of smells and seeds and such, which really made the air really smell of spring. The only other time I ever got that kind of shock like the one I had one morning in april up in Kiruna after the first rainfall, was from walking out of a small airport in Mexico and stepping, basically directly from a 12 hour trip on a plane, right into the djungle. It was like hitting a wall of moist air, containing basically every smell known to man.

Nowadays, and when I was younger living in southern Sweden, I think the spring starts when I can walk out in the morning in sunglasses and a leather jacket and just enjoy the sunny day. It does not have to be especially warm, just no wind, lots of sun and above freezing.


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