March 30, 2010

Name: Alex Bikazzan

Date: 30/3-2010, 15:40

Location: Hallunda, outskirts of Stockholm

During the winter, when I long for the spring, I usually think about all the clothing I can remove when it arrives. No more thick jackets, no caps, no gloves and no more scarfs. The freedom of just being able to put my shoes on and head out is one of the best feelings I know, and it is much associated with spring. This is of course if the weather allows me to, but even though I might have to put on a thin jacket, it’s still much better than dual-layers of clothes and a jacket that make me take up twice as much space on the bus.

The good thing about spring is also that it gets better and better the further it progresses. The very last part of spring where school is ending and summer is knocking on the door is probably one of my favourite times of the year. I think back to middle school and remember the last day of school, when each year my class gathered in the classroom to say our final goodbyes and the teacher finally says: “Okay, I dont think I have anything more to say, have a great summer everyone!”. The feeling I have right after that sentence is hard to describe and the only word I can think of is “Freedom”. And while you might think this is more related to the summer than to spring, I still say that even though it is the last day of spring, it still IS part of the spring experience!

The road I walked to and from school everyday.


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