Do You Still Remember, a December’s Foggy Freeze?

March 30, 2010



Time: 18:xx
Place: Teknikringen (I think)
By: Fredrik Göthner
Date: 2010-03-30


Obviously, when discussing spring, some amount of weather-talk is in order. This was quite clear in most of the interviews. The second thing that was brought up in most of the interviews, however, was some kind of feeling or emotion. People don’t seem to mind talking about feelings with complete strangers, at least not when spring is mentioned.

While reading through some of the interviews from yesterday, I realized that much of what we feel about spring is induced purely by the contrast to the dark winter. This was interesting to me. I have always felt that I don’t value spring quite as much as many others seem too.

Considering this thought, I tried to find a feature completely unique for spring, regarding feeling rather than weather or daylight. What came to my mind was memories. Almost every sign of spring (especially the smell of spring air) brings back an array of random memories from previous years and seasons. No other season has the same ability to bring back a long gone thought or moment like that.


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