Do you feel it to?

March 30, 2010

Name: Christian Croona

Time: 15:15

Place: Högbergsgatan, near Katarina Kyrka on Södermalm

I look below me and see people strolling, stopping, looking like they’re eating the sun. It’s a pretty sight, it makes me genuinely happy to see strangers having a nice time, because most strangers I see looks a bit depressed over about going to work yet another day. That’s not weird at all of course, because common everyday life for most people is quite boring except when it comes to the summer vacation. On the vacation people do what they really want, and I think that’s what spring reminds us about, last summer, and that’s why we get happier.

We get expectations that this summer is going to be fantastic, and expectations are the best, because everything can happen in your mind and those expectations works kind of like a pep-talk for yourself. The extra energy that gives you, or at least it gives me energy, actually I don’t know about you. However, energy and motivation are precious and valuable things and it’s far from every day that I feel motivated and fantastic, but not so surprisingly most of those times are in the spring.

I just want to go out and run “into” the sunset, but I don’t do it, because early in the spring it’s always chilly and that wouldn’t match my expectations very well, actually a bad go at something as, from my point of view, magical would ruin it for all time. So I wait, because as every year the warmth will come, eventually.


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