March 30, 2010

My balcony in björkahagen

Name: Olle Westerlund

Time: 3pm

Date: March 30, 2010

Theme: Quasimoto – Greenery

Things changes a lot when spring starts to emerge. My taste in music changes. The way I expect my future changes. I want go astro traveling. Smoking on the trees at a hundred degrees. The warmth of the sun makes me want to listen to hip-hop music in my parent’s garden; speakers pointed out through the living room windows. On the other hand, the wait for it, knowing that better times will come and keeping on going for months, is almost as good as actually being there in the summer. In spring you are thankful for just one hour without a cloudy sky, and the first few flowers rising up from the ground seems astonishing. It really feels like ‘less is more’ this time of the year.

I’m sitting on my balcony with sun in my eyes, gangsta rap in my ears, a cup of Arvid Nordquist Pressiado coffee in my hand, a piece of plastic in my pocket, some dust on my shoulder, OS X on my computer, and, I guess, spring in my mind. I haven’t really grasped it yet.


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