March 30, 2010

Name: Niklas Lind

Date: 2010-03-30

Time: 15:30

Location: Rålis

During the winter discussions began in the group. The group consists of people of different ages, some knew each other since the past, others did not. But all have a common interest. When is it time to put the bare foot in the sand? Rake away the leaves and branches from our rectangular territory that have remained there during the winter as a protective blanket. It’s all about the sun. If the sun just heats at least a short time in the face, before the cold spring wind regain control of our surroundings. Then it may be time. A date is set – the time is more unspecific, people will show up as long as the sun is still visible. Some come on a bike – jump of almost on the fly and then get rid of their shoes. Other may come  by foot and perhaps with their winter coats still buttoned all the way up to his neck. Members greets, long time no see, everything all right? Someone in a thick sweater and a knitted hat picks up a ball and starts to bump it the almost effortlessly into the air. Another person in shorts and long sleeved shirt shouts “ pass the ball” and so the ball goes back and forth between them. More people join and form a ring. The ball goes from person to person, from ten frozen fingers to another ten. All around people strolling by, some stop and consider what they see. The question appears in their subconscious, they try to ignore it, shaking their heads, “No, not yet, it’s too early”. They are wrong, it’s spring now. I feel how my left foot steps onto the sand plan. It’s cold when my foot is pressed down beneath the top layer of sand which the sun actually warmed. One more step and soon all the group members are gathered on the sand plan, the ball still flies between us. The group is divided into two teams and the volleyball net system is in place. – You may begin, someone screams. The game is started!


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