Interviewing Simon Hallin

March 29, 2010

Name & occupation: Simon Hallin, student

Date & time: 29/03/2010, 13:10

Place: KTH campus

Interviewer: Nicklas Holmgren

How do you feel about spring?

It’s nice. I get in a better mood.

Can you specify exactly what it is that like about spring?

Well, it gets brighter outside and that makes me more alert. The days become longer. It’s depressing during the winter when it’s all dark when you go home from school.

Can you think of anything negative with spring?

The snow melts and it gets all slushy. There’s mud everywhere, and there’s usually more rain than sun outside.

So there are both some positive and negative things then. I imagine you like the summer more?

Yeah, I guess you can say that it’s not exactly spring itself that I like. More that it’s a sign that the summer is coming closer.


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