Interviewing Rune. A

March 29, 2010

Rune A



Hötorget, Stockholm

Kristian Orellana

KO: So Rune, what’s your opinion of springtime in Stockholm?

RA: Well, I don’t think much of it. It’s sunnier.

KO: Would you care to elaborate?

RA: Okay. I guess the mind gets sunnier as well.

KO: What do you do for a living?

RA: I work as a cab driver.

KO: Do you feel that springtime changes people and the atmosphere around your job?

RA: People are always stupid no matter the weather or time of year. People tend to speak their mind more often when the sun comes out.

KO: And why is that?

RA: I guess sometimes people find it easier to be social since there is a load off their shoulders.

KO: What load?

RA: During the winter months, people get depressed and lock theirselves inside their homes.

KO: I can relate to that. But what does it change in you?

RA: I don’t like it as I said before, the spring is just another end of the winter and nothing really comes out of it except muddy roads and more sun.

KO: What is your favorite time of the year then?

RA: Autumn. I get lots of more work then. People need my services and that gives me more cash, you know I earn money in relation to the numbers of customers I get.

KO: Some people tend to like the spring since they can get out more frequently, visiting friends and such. What is your input on that?

RA: Well, I don’t have many friends. I drink too much alcohol and that has driven away many of my friends. Actually, I don’t mind. I’m a bit of a lone wolf. One of the best things in life is being in a park in the summers, with a cold beer and a book. You know, tranquility.

KO: Well, based on what you just said, it seems, as maybe you do like it when the sun pops out.

RA: It’s really nice to see when the girls dress up for summer. During the winters, everyone has big jackets and baggy clothes.

KO: And what about the nature during spring? Birdsong, scents, sensations?

RA: You know, I really don’t have time or energy to relate to that. My life is kind of a mess and my biggest concern is to live.


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