Interviewing Iréne

March 29, 2010

Name: Iréne
Occupation: author
Date: 2010-03-29
Time: 14:30
Place: Östermalmstorg

Interviewer: Jonas Heder
Interviewed: Iréne

Jonas: Excuse me, I’m a student from KTH, and I wonder if you would have the time to answer a few questions?

Iréne: Oh hello, well, yes! What is it about?

Jonas: I’m doing a course where we’re supposed to go out and ask around what people think and associate when they hear the word “spring”. What is it that comes to your mind at first when you hear this word?

Iréne: Oh, well… spring… you know, I’m actually the author of the Bonnier Swedish Lexicon which has sold in over 1.6 million copies, which should make me the perfect person to ask what words I associate with spring… hmm, spring, I’m trying to conceive other words, synonyms, for it… you know, I’m thinking of the word “outside”… maybe that people are starting to smile more and feel more positive in general. And coltsfoot [tussilago]!

Jonas: How does your life change in springtime?

Iréne: Well, I go outside more, and I guess I get more happy… also, there are a lot of dirty windows to clean *haha*. I guess people in general feel more lust and [fägring].

Jonas: Is there any special place that you associate with the spring?

Iréne: That would probably be being outside in general. Oh well, and maybe specifically Djurgården.

Jonas: What is it that is special to you about Djurgården?

Iréne: Well, I like taking long and peaceful walks and maybe have a picnic. I also like going on boatrides.

Jonas: Oh, and where do you like to go then?

Iréne: I like to go around in the archipelago.

Jonas: Okay. And another question: which one of our senses do you think gets most affected by spring?

Iréne: Well… I think actually the whole body gets affected! You get more energy to do everything. You can see how the activity rises everywhere. Is there anything else that you need to know? I think I have to go, but if I come up with something when I’m behind the corner, I will go back and tell you!

Jonas: No, that’s good, I won’t keep you any longer! Thanks alot! Have a nice day!


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