Interview with Nathalie Alvarez, 22 år, Stadsbiblioteket

March 29, 2010

She is a future filmmaker, studying in Malmö and visiting Stockholm to make a casting for her next shortfilm.
She was very kind to answer my questions about the swedish spring.

Me: So Nathalie what feelings does spring wake inside you?
N:  Well, it is very special. Its my favorite season. The worst and darkest part of the year is over and the best one  is yet to come. It is still a bit cold in Sthlm but you can definitely feel something in the air that says “SPRING!” and the birds singing help of course. In winter I sleep a lot, it is a very uncreative period. Now I go often out for walks and get new ideas all the time. I can feel the spring in my stomach, like very crazy butterflies inside, flying very very fast. I am less tired now, even if I go to bed later I wake up earlier and with much more energy.

Me: For you as filmmaker is spring very inspiring?
N:Yes, of course. I think that the fact that we have more hours of light and that it is warmer helps a lot. I can for example work on a bench in a park or in a cafe instead of working in a dark room at home. Then I get inspired of the day and the people around, the whole enviroment. Everyone seems so happy during springtime and much more open. Sometimes you have hour-long conversations with people you meet during your morning walk. All this contributes to the writing of new film ideas and gives me the possibility to observe people and create new exiting characters based on them.

Me: Do you think that the fact that swedish people live in the darkness half of year makes spring more expected?
N: Yes, absolutely. I grew up in Costa Rica where the weather is fantastic and we have the same amount of light during the whole year. People there do not really apreciate it. You don´t see people walking in the forest just for pleasure or making a picnic in the park. This is very rare there and very common in Sweden. Here people comment that flowers are growing and that the weather is nice. There people take it for granted. People would never ask this kind of questions there. So yes, you need darkness to appreciate light.

Me: Thank you Nathalie for taking your time and answering in such a detailed way. Just one last question. Describe spring time just with three words that are unique for your person.
N: Energy, Creativity, Spontaneity.

Posted by Julia Shchenina, 2010-03-29


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