Interview with Michael Bergman

March 29, 2010

Name: Michael Bergman

Age: 19

Occupation: Unemployed

Location: Stockholm Subway

Interviewed by: Alex Bikazzan

Alex Bikazzan: So, what comes first to mind when you think of the word spring?

Michael Bergman: The first thing that pops up in my head is sitting on a rock somewhere with a nice view, it’s a bit cold in the air but the sun is still shining. Me and a few friends have a special rock we use to sit on during spring where we just chill, and drink some wine.

AB: During the night?

MB: No, during the afternoon, its usually too cold at night. During the night we have barbecues and listen to great music.

AB: What feelings do you have?

MB: Freedom, and that nothing matters for the moment. A break-away from the everyday habits.

AB: And this is a typical spring activity for you?

MB: Yes. Feels like everything is coming alive, my brain and the nature. I feel like a zombie during the winter.

AB: Is it easier to philosophize?

MB: No, that I do best in bed, while trying to fall asleep.


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