Interview with Hannes

March 29, 2010

NAME: Hannes Backman

AGE: 26

OCCUPATION: Technician for Apple

DATE: March 29, 2010

TIME: 2pm

PLACE: Björkhagen, Stockholm

An interview by Olle Westerlund

OW: I would like to know your opinions about the spring season. To start off, is there anything that you find negative about spring?

HB: No not that I can come up with offhand, other than the fact that you can no longer cuddle in front of the fireplace.

OW: For how long is it ”un-springy” enough to light the fire and for what reason does it stop to be cozy?

HB: Until it gets to warm outside, it’s the temperature and the daylight that determines.

OW: Is there some other form of coziness that takes over instead of the fireplace cuddling or are there other experiences that simply precedes?

HB: Yes, various recreational activities. I’m much for fishing and have been out on the sea vessels all winter, but that requires a float jumpsuit for not freezing to death. Now it’s possible to fish in streams and spend time in beer gardens, not for fishing though!

OW: Which spots are the best for one to enjoy a beer in the spring sun? You are from Stockholm, right?

HB: No, Helsingborg, I’m not very familiar with Stockholm, except for the better beer places, haha.

OW: Helsingborg, then you would visit Denmark quite often? Do you have an opinion about spring experiences in Sweden vs. Denmark?

HB: No it differs little in my opinion.

OW: Ok but which then are the better beer places in Stockholm, maybe the most important knowledge about a city?

HB: As being a beer geek, I would say Akkurat, Oliver Twist and Monks Café.

OW: Which beer type is the best to enjoy when the spring emerges, if now it changes by season?

HB: Lambic always works but I would say some good American brew, pale ale or IPA.

OW: Which flavours in beer are more preferred in spring times?

HB: Generally speaking,  brighter beer the closer it gets to summer, for me however, it doesn’t matter because I lay hands on all new products that comes out.

OW: Do you have a favourite among the spring news in Systembolaget?

HB: I would say Alesmith IPA, marvellous, and of course Boris The Crusher Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. Hmm.. also Centenial IPA, and Breakfast Stout. After that, so many beers has passed by so that I don’t really remember what I have been drinking. I would have to check my notes then.

OW: That’s not really necessary if it’s a hassle, actually I think we can end the interview here. Thank you for your time!

HB: Great, good luck with the schoolwork!


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