Interview Thomas Wallin

March 29, 2010

Name: Thomas Wallin, TW

Date: 2010-03-29

Time 13.00

Place: Götgatan, Stockholm

Interviewer: Henning Alesund, HA

HA-So, what do you think about spring?
TW- It’s very nice, at last I can go outside. I’ve been isolated for several months now. You know, for us old people it is almost impossible to walk outside when it is slippery and very cold outside.
HA- What is it that you are longing for in the spring?
TW- I am executive editor for the magazine flying veterans. The best thing in spring is o sit outside and watch up in the sky and look for all the planes and to go to all the flight shows around in scandinavia.
We have our own aeroplane. An DC-3 with the name Daisy. It has 2400 horses and it starts like, yeah, it is so beautiful young man.
HA- So. why are you standing here and enjoying the sun?
TW- I am waiting for my daughter here for 2 hours. So i’ve been watching that policehelicopter for like an hour now. That is spring for me. To be able to just stand outside and to take my bike everywhere I want to go. Not to get stucked in my apartment.


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